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  • Network

    Ethernetworks Network ServicesDo you need to expand your aging network? Maybe a complete redesign is a better long term answer. It's time to consider replacing PC's with laptops and a wireless infrastructure.
  • Communicate

    Ethernetworks Communications ServicesMost businesses are shifting to web based email such as Google Apps so their employees can work remotely. Access from smart phones and tablets is also becoming important.
  • Design

    Ethernetworks Website DesignLooking to sell or promote over the internet? Work with us to create the website that fits you or your business. Integrate social media into your business with a custom Facebook page.
  • Troubleshoot

    Ethernetworks Network TroubleshootingHave a bottleneck somewhere in your network? Is your internet connection sporatic?

    Let us sniff around (with a packet sniffer) and root out your problems.


  • Maintain

    Ethernetworks Maintenance programs Sign up with Ethernetworks for a monthly service contract.

    We'll remotely fix PC/Server problems and come onsite when necessary.
Introducing Ethernetworks,Inc

Ethernetworks is a full service Long Island IT consulting group dedicated to helping small business owners deal with the technical issues of running their business. Whether it's designing, installing or maintaining your IT infrastructure, Ethernetworks is prepared to work with you to find the solution that best fits your specific needs.

Grow Your Business With EthernetworksFrom network design to website design or layered security to lockdown, Ethernetworks wide selection of services is at your disposal. We will help you grow your business. Call or Email with any comments, questions or just to chat. I enjoy discussing new technology trends as well as ancient ones that still work (think ethernet).

Len Carroll
President - Ethernetworks
President - Affordable Business Websites



Web Design

Website Design

Is your website looking old?

Here are some things you should consider before deciding on a website design. Is the site for commercial or informational purposes? Who is my audience, always keep this in mind. Should the website be flash-y interactive with dynamic content or subdued and businesslike. Do I need to track my visitors, always a good idea and it's usually free.

Client Reviews

Ethernetworks Client Reviews Our satisfied customers speak

Eric Fucci of Fucci & Friedman Inc; "We came in Monday morning and had no access to the internet. We called Ethernetworks and Len was here within the hour. Turned out there was a problem with the router. He reconfigured and secured the router and we were back up and selling insurance by lunchtime! It's important we have someone to call when there's an emergency. Good job!" Read more reviews.


Free Tools

openOffice.orgThis month I'd like to discuss one of the most widely distributed open source (as in free) software applications. Open-Office.org 2 is a complete office suite capable of word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. Read more...

Recommended Reading

Ethernetworks Recommended ReadingAccording to Bill Gates, "Ray Kurzweil is the best person I know at predicting the future of artificial intelligence. His intriguing new book envisions a future in which information technologies have advanced so far and fast that they enable humanity to transcend its biological limitations-transforming our lives in ways we can't yet imagine." Read more...

Product Reviews

Ethernetworks Tech Product Reviews          Find out everything you need to know about internet offices as they go head to head in our Review section.

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Worthwhile Cause

The Elephant Sanctuary 

Have you ever wondered exactly how your charitable donations were being used? The Elephant Sanctuary tells you in story and pictures just how your money is being spent. The story is complete with a full cast of characters, starring Shirley, Bunny, Billie and the rest of the Girls. There's also the Elecam for live action video.

Their stated purpose is " to provide a haven for old, sick or needy elephants and to educate about the crisis facing these creatures."


Le Tip Weekly Showcase 3

Le Tip Mt Sinai Member of the Week

Each week I highlight another member of my Mt Sinai Le Tip chapter. This week's showcase is for Michael Morbillo of Enspire Design, PLLC. Michael's company, Enspire Design Group, is a full service architectural firm providing all phases of professional services from site evaluation through construction completion. I've worked in Mike's office maintaining his network and have found his designers Brandon, Sal and Chris to always be friendly and helpful despite the deadlines they must constantly meet. Their mission statement says it all "Our mission is to provide clients with a peaceful service experience and a beautiful environment that will improve their lives".Dennis Coburn-Graphic Artist

You can contact Michael at 631-471-9500 or by email at info@enspirepllc.com. The office is located at 1650 Sycamore Avenue, Bohemia. You can find out more about Enspire Design and view some of their projects by clicking on the following link; Enspire Design

Enspire Design Group

Link to all LeTip Member Showcases

Google Chrome Shines

I took my first look at Googles new browser today. Chrome uses a minimalist approach, combining features where possible. One example of this is the address bar which doubles as the search box. Chromes opens to a page of visual links to your most visited sites, a nice feature.

Google Chrome review

It's similar to Fast Dial, one of my favorite Firefox addons.